Making It Right Here.

NIMA Organizational Values

Core values become mental habits that influence how the organization's people act toward each other and those people outside the organization that they serve, try to influence or that they work with. NIMA's core values have not been articulated; CFNA believes the following are aligned with NIMA thinking:

  • We believe that all organizational policies, activities and interactions should be aimed, always, at satisfying member needs
  • We are dedicated to developing close, face-to-face relationships with everyone we work with but most importantly, our members
  • We strive to use all of the capabilities of today's electronic technology to achieve all of the benefits it can confer: minimizing expenses, speeding cash flow, increasing income, building social networks and networking, speeding information to our internal and external groups; reducing environmental impacts; promoting our members and more
  • We create environments where different opinions, approaches and working styles can be heard, sought after and valued
  • What we do, we do well — always
  • We inspire optimism, create value and make a difference
  • We act with urgency, moving quickly to solve problems and deliver on promises
  • We innovate, look for innovations and are able to take new paths when new ideas lead us the wrong way
  • We want to do the right thing always. We live by a code of ethics, honesty, and decency.
  • We are passionate about helping our manufacturers to become successful
  • We work together; no one is a lone eagle.

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