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Why Join NIMA?

  • Enjoy mutual support among regional manufacturers!
  • Share with other manufacturers in an atmosphere of cooperation not competition!
  • Network with professional and technical service providers!
  • Participate in a graduated dues structure!

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From a NIMA Manufacturer...

NIMA has been a valuable organization to be affiliated with. They have been very active in assisting Hotwire Direct by connecting us with the appropriate offices/departments and helping us source funding for growth into international markets. NIMA has also stepped up and taken on many larger, forward thinking initiatives for the good of all manufacturers in the region.

Ben Rousseau
General Manager
Hotwire Direct

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Grant Opportunities

Utilize the executive director's grant experience to help apply for:

Rural Business Enterprise Grants—USDA
Rural Business Opportunity Grants—USDA
Small Business Innovation Research Grants—U.S. Small Business Administration
Workforce Development Training Fund—Idaho Department of Labor

Advocacy for Manufacturers

Let NIMA be a voice for our region's manufacturers! NIMA takes an active role in private and public meetings and hearings related to programs and legislation at all levels—local, state and federal—that affect our region's manufacturers.

Technical Assistance

Take advantage of collective resources for referrals—equipment, suppliers, technology, service providers.

  • Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)
  • WWS
  • Sirti (formerly, the Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute)
  • TechHelp
  • Tech Connect
  • Impact Washington (formerly, Washington Manufacturing Services)
  • Idaho & Washington foreign trade
  • State and federal legislative assistants, etc.

Group Purchasing

Use the combined purchasing power—health care, retirement, and other opportunities—of local manufacturers to compete with the strength of larger and importing manufacturers!

Training and Education

Take advantage of coordinated public and private training opportunities throughout the region!

Workforce Development

Know that NIMA is preparing for your future! NIMA

  • Promotes the career opportunities available in manufacturing.
  • Addresses the disconnect between lack of skilled labor and the 5000 -7000 underemployed in our area.
  • Has been awarded a curriculum development grant and is increasing the number of students interested in manufacturing careers.
  • Sponsors Job Fairs.
  • Educates career counselors.
  • Works with local post secondary educators and work force development providers to better focus offerings to the needs of local manufacturers.

Networking and Communications

NIMA enhances the efficient transfer of information between manufacturers, and between manufacturers and others.

  • Manufacturer to Manufacturer (M2M)
    • Share knowledge, experience, and technology.
    • Be mentored by experienced manufacturers.
    • Participate in clustering opportunities for Intra-Organizational Commerce.
    • Benefit from the synergy that comes from a community of manufacturers working together.
    • Join in a spirit of cooperation instead of competition.
  • From Manufacturers to Others
    • Be represented by a collective and consistent voice for local manufacturers' interests and needs.
    • Benefit from improved information flow from manufacturers to those interested in helping them.
    • Efficiently send feedback from manufacturers to partners.
    • From Others to Manufacturers
    • Receive information directly to manufacturers.
    • Know that information is relevant to the needs of manufacturers.
    • Appreciate that the grain has been separated from the chaff.
    • Have a "trusted" source of information.

Networking and Communication Tools

Take advantage of NIMA's networking and communication tools:

  • Newsletter
  • List Serve
    • Member to Member
    • Organization to Member
    • Among Committee Members
  • Website
    • Members Only Section
    • Public Area
    • Meetings
      • Board of Directors
      • General membership
      • General membership and Stakeholders

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