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American Manufacturers Network (AMN)

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The American Manufacturers Network (AMN) is a consortium of manufacturers organized to address Department of Defense (DoD) procurement challenges. The project specifically addresses a current challenge identified by the DoD, referred to as Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Materials Shortages.

The American Manufacturers Network mission is:

to enhance and assure the domestic supply base for the Department of Defense by working with military installations within the Northwest to supply "problem parts" through the use of an existing, local network of manufacturers and exercising processes that reduce costs, cycle times and waste. As a result, AMN shall increase military preparedness and create manufacturing job opportunities in the rural north- western United States.


  • Support Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives for weapon system readiness and sustainability by expanding and enhancing the manufacturing supply base, and applying materials and information technologies to reduce costs and lead times for replacement parts not available through traditional supply systems.
  • Stimulate rural economic growth via the creation and retention of living wage manufacturing jobs in rural communities by matching existing and new manufacturing capabilities to opportunities available through government contracting.

The Core Concept of the Network

By acting as a Tier One supplier, AMN shall match capabilities and subcontract with qualified manufacturers in Idaho, Washington and other parts of the Northwest to produce DoD problem parts solicitations. AMN shall coordinate a manufacturing network that starts with an identified problem part or subsystem and creates viable delivery solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner. Solutions may include technology development, reengineering, technology insertion, rapid prototyping, shape engineering or other strategies that are tailored to a particular solution. AMN's diverse supplier base is able to rapidly meet the needs of the government customer that are unmet by traditional supply systems.

  • Market the Manufacturing Consortium to Military Installations and attract contract opportunities.
  • Provide a Discernment Center to meet Engineering and Quality Control Requirements.
  • Contract with DoD as a Tier One contractor on behalf of small manufacturers that lack the resources to independently manage government contracting.
  • Commercialize military resources to independently manage government contracting.
  • Coordinate and match contract opportunities with manufacturer capabilities and subcontract with appropriate manufacturers for parts production.
  • Coordinate and implement resources to prepare members of the manufacturing consortium for government contracting and ISO 9000 Certification.

More Information about this progam can be found at the AMN Website.


1626 6th Avenue North | Lewiston Idaho 83501 | 208-746-0015

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